Munck Ceramics

Birgitte Munck is a Danish studio potter who works in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has been making pots for 35 years in which time she has also taught other pottery makers, and now recently moved to Iceland. Birgitte works primarily in stoneware and raku clay bodies and uses wild clay in her works for glazing of her pots.

Her work embraces a range of thrown functional ware for cooking and serving food. She is also a keen maker of flower vases in any size and unique raku works to enjoy in your home. It is important to her that her work is used in daily life.

Alongside functional ware Birgitte has always made a range of larger work that is more individual. The development of these pieces is a result of time spent in Japan and in the Middle East. Birgitte’s forms are balanced, peaceful and quiet, and are intended to be treasured for many years.

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